Bird watching in  Turkey

The country encompasses two main routes for birds migrating en mass. Twice a year, the land and wetlands of the country offer hospitality to migrating birds as well as birds that breed here.

Turkey's vast land of 779,000 square kilometres, surrounded on three sides by seas, serves as a bridge between three continents. A large variety of climatic zones co-exist due to its topography. Although located in the Palearctic zone, especially in the Southeast and the East, the Influence of oriental and Ethiopic (African) elements are observable. The Igdir-Aralik triangle and the Hakkari-Van plateau exhibit the influence of Syrian Desert flora and fauna; the Hatay-Amanos bridge exhibits elements of Africa. In the Northeast, there are examples of cold steppe, semi-Siberian environments. Due to the variety of habitats, Turkey is considered by many to be the best country for birds and birding in Europe.

As it is impossible to come enough close to birds, binoculars are the most basic equipment for close observation. In open areas, distant lands, telescopes made for this aim are also very beneficial. During the observation period, a note book, which is required for registry, should not be forgotten. Also a guide book including bird species will be very beneficial.

During the observation, there are some basic rules to be obeyed. First of them is not to disturb the birds. You should not enter their nesting areas, and take eggs or nest material. At the end of the observation no property should be left within the region.

Best regions for Bird watching in the Province of Mugla:

Bodrum and Milas Gulluk Delta

Bird Species: The lake hosts a huge number of wintering water birds (max.~50000), including cormorant , pygmy cormorant , Red-crested pochard and coot .

Köycegiz Lake

Bird Species: It hosts huge number of wintering water birds (max. ~120.000), including cormorant,  pygmy cormorant, Red-crested pochard and coot .

Gökova wetland, small and very easy to reach, especially in April/May for migration

see the little bird ?

Pelicans flying off

Beautiful days with birdwatching

Special birdwatching

Lakes and coast invite for birdwatching