The famous Blue-Cruise (1)

Büyük Çatı Koyu (The Big Roof Cove):  The sea is clear and clean. In this cove, centuries old pine trees and the liquid amber orientalis reach up to the sky. Two springs meet to form a pool and then flow to the sea together as a tiny stream. The small lake is like a private swimming pool.

Kücük Çatı Koyu (The Small Çatı Cove): To the east of Büyük Çatı, between the larger coves, there is a small cove that has clear water, sand on the bottom and forests surrounding it.

Yediadalar (The Seven Islands): On the southern shores of the Gökova Gulf there is an area that has four islands in front and where a gulf of more then two miles is formed between the coastlines.  The islands are mostly barren but in the cove areas there are pine forests.

The Cove of Löngöz-Kargılıbük: This is one of the most beautiful coves of Gökova. The right-angled cove consists of tree covered hills sloping to the shores, running inland for 800 metres.

The Değirmen Inlet: The Değirmen Inlet, which has the islands of Kara and Zeytinli at its entrance, is the largest cove of Gökova.

Ingiliz Limanı (the British Port): In World War Two a few British warships sought refuge here. At night they would leave and attack the German held islands and enemy ships and return to the cove to hide. During the day, the crews would cover the ships with branches so that they were not noticeable.

Okluk Koyu (Okluk Cove): At the entrance to Okluk Cove you will be surprised to see a statue of a mermaid on the rocks. The inscription reads: "The mermaid, in order to realize her dream, has travelled over so huge a sea, crossed the horizons. She went through continents, islands and coves until she got to G
ökova." There are restaurants, markets and facilities to meet all demands.

Karacasöğüt: The cove of Söğüt (Willows) is a round port with a diameter of 800 meters. There are many restaurants, shops and a bakery. The port of Karacasöğüt is 12 kilometres away from Marmaris. The road is asphalted and there are minibuses running regularly.

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