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The village of Söğüt is in a fertile valley and there are greenhouses and bee keeping. You can walk in the forest paths. Those following the path leading to Okluk on the hill on the western point of the cove will see the remains of an old castle. The scenery is impressive.

Sedir Adası: The group of islands of Sedir, Orta and Küçük are known as the Sedir Adaları (City Islands). Transport to the island is from Çamlı Cove or Akyaka by motor boats. On the island there are restaurants, showers and toilets.

The Port of Gökova-Akyaka: This is at the end point of the gulf, heading towards the east and gradually narrowing. There are two streamlets that run down into the sea, one in the village of Akyaka.

The Port of Akbük: The port is in a wide and deep cove on the northern shores of the gulf. It is in the municipality of Yerkesik, with Mugla 48 kilometres away. By land you travel along a dusty road from Akyaka.

The Akbük Cove is beautiful and wide, with the scene decorated by the Kıran Mountains falling into the sea with pine forests and olive trees on the lower slopes. The region is one of the Special Environment Protected Areas and construction is not allowed.

Ören: Between the points of Kerme and Ören the bay of Çamaltı stretches like an arrow. The shores are lined with beaches. Beyond the coast there are houses with gardens and pensions. The town of Ören is inland.

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