The small town of Dalyan in the Province of Mugla on the south-western coast of the Mediterranean is 28 km from the international airport of Dalaman, only a 30-minute bus ride away. Set in the centre of a broad delta whose natural beauty remains unspoilt.

Dalyan is established in an environmentally protected area and is one of the few surviving places of paradise, an area of natural beauty and historical interest. The ancient city of Caunos lies here with its ruins dating back to the 3rd century. The Dalyan channel through which water circulates between the Mediterranean and Köycegiz Lake winds its way down past the ancient Rock Tombs to the sea, via small network of lakes and waterways, through the rustling reed beds, rising between 3 and 5 metres in height.

With its mixture of fresh and salt water, these wetlands are now home to a vast number of fish and other water life, as well as the birds of many species which feed on them. The Stork is also native to this area migrating here at the end of March to nest until the end of August. Dividing the delta is the Iztuzu sandbar stretching for 5 km east from the south of the channel. With fine crystal sand, shallow turquoise sea, Iztuzu beach is the ideal seaside spot, which can be reached by regular 'dolmus' or boat service from Dalyan. This is also the beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia Mydas) have returned to lay their eggs since the beginning of time, the nesting time being from May till October.

Twelve years ago Dalyan was a small fishing village, the discovery of the endangered Loggerhead Turtles and the wildlife in this area led to a campaign to designate the area for conservation. The village has therefore retained its natural charm and beauty. A haven for relaxation that has blossomed to cater for the serious traveller. There are many restaurants in which to try local Turkish cuisine, music bars and shops. There are a couple of discos on the outskirts of the village so as not to disturb those of you that wish to retire early. There are regular minibus services that run to neighbouring resorts such as Fethiye, Gökova and Marmaris as well as surrounding villages. In summary, a unique destination full of culture, charm, history and contrasting beauty, excellent cuisine and unforgettable hospitality.

Dalyan is a resort that you will undoubtedly return to year after year.

The area around Dalyan has some of the widest variety of wildlife to be found in Turkey, including some species of birds not found elsewhere in the world. A short tranquil boat ride away from Dalyan harbour is a four kilometre long beach that is home to the rare Loggerhead  turtles (Caretta caretta).

With the views, history, culture, wildlife, water and sea topped off by the warm local hospitality, Dalyan is a beautiful holiday destination.

The Dalyan Delta

Coast near Dalyan

Loggerhead Turtles in  Dalyan

Kaunos ruins near  Dalyan

Mudbath in  Dalyan

Waterfowl in  Dalyan