The Mudbaths of Dalyan

The mudbaths of Dalyan are in the proximity of the junction point of the Dalyan channel and the Köyceğiz Lake. After going in the basin, the mud will become dry on the skin and thus makes the skin more soft.  The mudbaths can be reached by  boats which depart frequently from Dalyan.

In order to get to the mudbaths and the ancient city of Kaunos you can either take a daily boat cruise leaving from Köyceğiz or travel with a rented car by road, going to Ekincik and then following the road that winds around the lake. As it is not really easy to find, you should either  rely on a local or be prepared for a bit of adventure.

In summer in the high season, the place can be overcrowded and getting your part of the mud can end up in quite a struggle...

The famous Mudbaths of  Dalyan

Peolple like he famous Mudbaths of  Dalyan