Fethiye is located on the Lycian and Carian border and was called Telmessos in ancient times. The city was very prominent and a centre of prophecy, pledged to Apollon. That the city life was rich and highly cultured during the Hellenistic and Roman periods is evident from the existing monuments. Today the majority of ancient ruins in Telmessos are rock-tombs, Lycian-type sarcophagi, the fortress and the Roman Theatre.

The peninsula lying between Fethiye and Antalya was known as Lycia in the ancient times. Lycians were natives of Anatolia and sea-faring people as mentioned in Homer’s Iliad and Kadesh War Peace Agreement document.

Within the city there are quite a number of Lycian-type sarcophagi. On these there are epitaphs in the Lycian scripture. Especially the sarcophagus near the government house is worthy of notice, with its relieves depicting warriors.

The fortress stands where the city was first founded and the existing walls are from the 11th Century. At same places, portions of walls from the Roman period can be seen. The fortress was repaired by the Rhodesian Knights during the 15th Century and was used as a naval base.

Telmessos Ancient Theatre stands opposite to the commercial quay at Fethiye town centre. The typical Roman type theatre was built in 2nd. Century on the remains of a Greek style previous one. The site was excavated by the Fethiye Archaeology Museum in 1993 and a restoration project was made to renovate the theatre’s cavea and stage.

 The Archaeological Museum of Fethiye exhibits numerous archaeological findings from the Lycian, Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman periods as well as ethnological works of art typical for the region.

Fethiye can be reached by the Izmir-Mugla highway as well as by the route of Antalya-Fethiye accompanied by an extraordinarily beautiful panorama. There is also a road between Burdur and Fethiye.

Do not miss a visit to the canyon of Saklikent or the world-famous beach of Ölüdeniz

Transportation by air is possible from the Dalaman Airport (50 km.) and the Antalya Airport (21 0 km.).

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