Marmaris is located on a bay surrounded by mountains full of pine trees, in a place where Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet. The city is a lively and relaxed holiday town with modern hotels, restaurants, traditional turkish baths, beaches and nightlife. As Marmaris has been a favourite destination for some while now, it is not difficult to find English speaking people among the locals or the personnel of the hotels.

Waters in Marmaris are excellent for swimming, diving and yachting. The beaches are suitable for children thanks to their sheltered location. The city has many local and international restaurants. You can enjoy your Turkish specialities in a harbour restaurant and watch the sun disappear into the sea.

Beach Boulevard is a popular walking street. After an evening walk you can drop into a bar or restaurant to listen music and watch folklore show or you can dance in a disco until dawn. Bar Street in the Old City is a must. You can make a day tour to Efes or Pamukkale. On the tour you will see the House of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis, 200 years old amphitheatre. You can visit Pamukkale, where the waters of which are believed to have remedial qualities, to help you feel younger and healthier. Fast ferry takes only 45 minutes to Rhodes. It leaves in the morning and returns in the evening. But, you have time to see the Old City of Rhodes before travelling back to Marmaris.

Historical City Centre

The most important building in the centre is the castle. The castle was first constructed by Ionians. The preserved form today was built by Ottomans in 1522. During the First World War, it was damaged by cannonball fire opened from a French war ship. A museum in the Castle was restored between 1980-1990. The entrance of the castle opens directly to the garden. From both sides of the courtyard, stairs climb up the walls. It is worth the climb to see the view from the castle.

Two of the covered places are arranged as archaeological museum s. Amphorae, baked clay, glass art of work, coins and various ornaments found as a result of excavation work done in Knidos, Burgaz, Hisarönü are displayed in those two salons and in the garden. One of the galleries is an ethnographical salon arranged as a Turkish House, and the other one is the room of the commander of the castle.

Another Ottoman building in the city is Hafza Sultan Caravanserai built in 1545. Seven small rooms and one big room of the Caravanserai are allocated to gift shops. The historical shops in the market place which used to sell second hand goods are still in the shopping centre of the city.

The yacht harbour in marmaris

A road in the yacht harbour in marmaris

The old harbour in marmaris

view on the yacht harbour in marmaris

Bellydancer in marmaris