Ölü Deniz (Dead Sea)

The beach of Ölü Deniz one of the spots most favoured by the tourists agencies. Located at a distance of 15kms from the centre of Fethiye , it is surrounded in the east by Kıdrak and the Valley of Butterflies and  in the west  by Gemiler and coves at the mouth of the valleys descending from the Babadag Mountain. The sand and pebbles of the vast coastline of the Belcegiz beach, carried in northwest direction by waves and wind, created a barrier between the open Mediterranean Sea and the calm lagoon. For this the region is called Olüdeniz, meaning dead sea. The lagoon reaches a depth of approximately 40 meters towards the north and, where it is shallow, down to 5 to 1 meters.

In the southern part at the entrance of the lagoon from the sea, the lagoon is quite narrow and shallow, with a width of about 50 meters and a depth of 8-9 meters.

Climbing up the high, green slopes around Ölüdeniz, one can see the crystal-clear waters especially of the Kumburnu beach, displaying transformation from turquoise to green and various shades of blue. Due to its extraordinary natural beauty, the pearl-white sandy beach and the crystal-clear sea water, Ölüdeniz and the neighbouring little coves like Ovacik, Belcegiz and Kidrak, are renowned all over the world as a tourism centre.

At present Ovacık, Hisaronu and Ölüdeniz have a total bed capacity of 20,000 in all standards, ranging from first-class hotels to small boarding houses and campgrounds. The temperature of the sea does not get below 19 C, even in winter and the average day/night temperature 12 C, which makes this region ideal for winter tourism.

Ölüdeniz is a stunning bay, with a laid-back atmosphere, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. It's lagoon, now a protected area, has understandably inspirited a million postcards.

Ölüdeniz main beach is bordered by an attractive promenade lined with small shops, cafes and restaurants, making it ideal for a classic beach holiday.

However the surrounding area has much more to offer for an adventurous visitor. Paragliding from the heights of Babadag Mountain , trekking along the Lycian Way, a boat trip to the Butterfly Valley or visiting some of the sites such as Xanthos, Tlos and Letoon are among the many possibilities.

Ölü Deniz (Dead Sea)

Ölü Deniz (Dead Sea)

butterfly valley near Ölü Deniz (Dead Sea)


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