The Saklikent Canyon

The Saklikent Canyon, at 50 km. from Fethiye, is a natural wonder. The Canyon is 300 meters deep and 18 km long, resulting from the abrasion of the rocks by flowing waters over thousands of years. As the level of water rises during winter months, visitors can enter the canyon only in the summer.

If taking photographs is among your hobbies, you can snap extraordinary sights of unspoiled, natural beauty at Saklikent. On the platforms erected over the water flowing in great speed inside and out of the Canyon, visitors are served trout and traditional pastries, which enrich and enhance a holiday. It is possible to reach Saklıkent by minibuses or daily tours from Fethiye organized by travel agencies.

There is a secure service bridge for entrance to the Canyon. From the very beginning, the visitors are fascinated by the spring water crashing in white foams and the heavenly greenery of the surroundings. Saklikent is a heaven in the suffocating summer days, and the 3-km walk, wading in the cool water, is an ideal sport for everyone.

The story of how Saklikent was discovered is quite interesting. During the research to establish a trout farm in the region, a service bridge had to be constructed here, thus opening the doors of this secret paradise to the visitors. At first the Canyon was considered only for trout farming, but plans had to be extended to meet the requirements of the visitors due to ever-increasing popularity of the area.

Saklikent is also a focal point for geologists and speleologists. 3 km of the 18-km canyon may be covered by wading into the water and stepping over rocks. If you are an adventurer and wish to go further, you must have the necessary professional rigging and suitable clothing for this hard task.

The Saklikent Canyon

inside The Saklikent Canyon

deep inside  Saklikent Canyon