The Sultaniye Themal Baths

When you travel from Köyceğiz and go to Ekincik through Hamitköy you will see a sign saying Sultaniye Thermal Spring. You travel for 500 metres further in from the sign to get there.

You can also get there by boats that run daily from Köyceğiz, Dalyan and Ekincik. Some of the boat tours also stop at or go to the hot spring. In the region you will hear many stories of how people that were brought in a wheel chair or on a stretcher were healed and walked after a series of 21 curing treatments. We will leave it to you whether to believe these tales or not.

However, we can cite you a certain fact and that is that the Sultaniye thermal waters have the highest level of radioactivity of all of Turkey’s hot springs. The water is 39 degrees celcius and contains calcium chlorine, calcium sulphate, calcium sulphurous and radon.

The waters are believed to be good for rheumatism, sciatica, certain skin diseases and women’s diseases. However, it is also famed for its restorative powers due to high level of radioactivity.

The spas are said to been first opened by the Kaunos locals some 2000 years ago. The remains of a hospital in the area has proved this date to be right. In those years it was very popular as it was supposed to improve sexual power. The spring water, coming next to the large source of thermal water, when drunk was believed to cure various internal diseases.

The Sultaniye Themal Baths

The Sultaniye Themal Baths are mostly open

outside of The Sultaniye Themal Baths

building in The Sultaniye Themal Baths